New Year's Evolution

Updated: Jan 8

Every New Year is an opportunity to look at where we are, what we have done, and how we imagine our life this time next year. Are you ready for it?!


…Ok, sure, I get a lot of resistance to this topic. Why?

Perhaps it’s about these 3 words:

  1. New.

  2. Year.

  3. Resolution.

We make them, we break them, we even get worse! It seems like the more we want it, the harder it is to achieve.

Does this ever happen to you?

Resolution: lose weight
	Action: focus on food
		Result: we eat more!
Resolution: get fit
	Action: exercise a lot
		Result: exhaustion, injury, no more exercising!
Resolution: quit social media
	Action: go online to announce you’re quitting. 
		Result: hours of scrolling and messaging!

What’s the problem?

Human nature. Change is hard for us!

Humans are creatures of habit. We prefer predictability in our daily routines. Habits make us more efficient. When we do the same tasks the same way, day after day, we conserve our energy.

Change requires more energy than routine. Sudden change feels like revolution. And revolution is difficult to maintain. The energy required for radical change is unsustainable.

Isn't there another way?

Let's start the year instead with a New Year's Evolution!

Learning a language takes time. Your brain needs frequent contact with a foreign language. It's better to learn a little bit more often. Your memory needs time to grow.

The brain is hardwired to learn what we often repeat. That's why we get "addicted" to coffee, social media, and other things.

Behavior that we repeat becomes easier to do. Behavior that we repeat is called a habit. An effective language learning habit is something quick and fun. If you enjoy it, you will be much more likely to do it again next time.

So take advantage of your brain's ability to learn repeated actions. Create a new language learning habit in 2022.

Learning tip:Study for shorter periods and more often.

And relax! You got this!!

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