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What is your cancellation policy?

English Club for Teens

When you cancel 24 hours before a scheduled lesson, you get full credit for the Club meeting. You can use the credits on the next package of lessons. At the end of the school year, I will refund unused credits.

In case of cancellation due to illness, please contact me by text or email no later than 8:30 the day of the Club meeting and I can give lesson credit.

Online lessons and Language Coaching

For individual online lessons:

When you cancel 24 hours before a scheduled lesson, you get full credit for the lesson and the option to reschedule, based on availability. You can use the credits for more lessons at the regularly scheduled time, so to extend the contract period.

When you cancel later than 6 hours before a scheduled lesson, unfortunately you will lose the lesson credit without the option to reschedule. 

For Language Coaching:

Priority rescheduling and late cancelation requests are accepted for  Language Coaching clients only. 

Do you have English Club for younger children?

Not at this time. I designed English Club specifically to complement the Czech school curriculum starting from 5th class. In English Club, kids activate what they learn in school. We use similar themes and practice the vocabulary and grammar that they find in their textbooks. This repetition is key to learning.

The Silent Period

Before children speak their first words in their own language, there is a period of learning when they are "silent". They listen, they play with sounds, they have fun and make nonesense. It is the same when learning a foreign language. 

This silent period can be short or long, depending on the individual. But it is very important. Forcing a child to speak before they are ready, especially with a native speaker, can be traumatic. 

Ready to speak

For younger children who are ready to start speaking, you might hire a bilingual Czech/English tutor for a few lessons. Ask the tutor if your child is ready for a native speaker. And when your child starts 5th class, they are welcome to start English Club.

Can kids have lessons twice a week?

Yes, they can. About half of the kids in English Club come twice a week.  If there is availability in a group that is the same level, kids can also attend another group.

Each group is unique, with different personalities. But the themes are the same, and we do a variety of activities.

Do you offer individual tutoring for kids?

Unfortunately no, not at this time. In case you are looking for a native speaking English tutor in Prague, I recommend visiting Expats, Teacher Creature, or simply search online for English Teachers in Prague.

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