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English Club Moved - It's Like Home!

I’m happy to announce that English Club groups have moved to KC Jako Doma!

After a long search, I finally found the perfect place for English Club lessons here in our neighborhood of Dolni Pocernice. Like before, we are close to the local school and near a few bus stops, and now it’s even easier to find and join our lessons.

KC Jako Doma is tucked in a quiet courtyard behind the post office, away from the busy road, and it really is like home! Kids can come in early, hang up their coats, and even make themselves a cup of tea before our lesson.

There is always something happening at the center. We meet moms and artists, and it’s not unusual to see some cheerful retired folks getting ready for their afternoon yoga class. The other day there was an evening lecture about traveling in China.

I’m so glad our English Club can be part of this energetic community hub.

What is English Club?

In English Club, we play games, solve puzzles, tell stories, work on projects, and speak English.

We’ve got Club Level 2 and Club Level 3 groups now open. Level 1 might be starting soon, so watch this space!

  • Level 1 - for kids in grades 4-5 who are learning English in school but don't speak yet

  • Level 2 - for kids in grades 5-6 who speak slowly but are happy to try

  • Level 3 - for kids in grades 6-8 who are more confident and fluent when they speak

Group size is 3-5 students (225 kč/45-minute lesson) or 6-8 students (190 kc/45-minute lesson). If you are interested in signing your child up, please click below to find out more.

We are here:

See you there!

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